When this site was originally created in 1995, it was decided that we would do nothing special to promote it other than to notify the major search engines. It was fun watching as people slowly discovered The Internet Squeegee Guy, and on occasion we would receive some media coverage about the site.

Though we no longer monitor or update this site, we thought we would leave it up and running for historical purposes. We'd like to thank those who have visited (and continue to visit) this site over the years, and we'd especially like to thank those who provided reports about media coverage given to the Internet Squeegee Guy. Some of the more interesting coverage is detailed below.

photo "But will it play in Peoria?"

Surprisingly, The Internet Squeegee Guy received some coverage in international newspapers. On May 24, 1997, the site was voted a "Top 5 listing" in the Rotterdams Dagblad, a Dutch newspaper (illustrated at left).

On July 4, 1997, the site was one of several featured in an article in the Australian newspaper, The Sidney Times Herald.

photo "Sex and the Squeegee Guy"

The site received coverage in a number of Internet-related magazines over the year, starting with The Net in their February 1996 issue (see right). The Squeegee Guy's mom was REALLY proud that her son was featured in an issue that focused on sex on the internet. He had a hard time convincing her that it was NOT a porno site.

Perhaps because of the "sex" issue, Verge, a men's magazine, also featured the site in their Summer 1997 issue in their "Buzz" section. It was somewhat of a dubvious honor, though, considering that the title of the feature was "10 Totally Useless Web Sites." The key point in their write-up stated "...just as annoying from outside your computer as it is from inside your car."

Though we never actually got to see it, we received a report that the SqueejGuy was mentioned in the March 1996 issue of a British magazine called The Face, described by one person as "a groovy magazine for the smart set." The article on page 38 was entitled "Weird Wide Web," and one person who wrote to us about this said that The Squeegee Guy was definitely in weird company on this page. Another person quoted the article as saying:

"You pull up to the lights on the information superhighway and what happens? Some crusty geezer starts to wipe down the inside of your monitor. Do you give him your change or ride on by? It's a virtual dilemma. Who says the web's a moral vacuum?"
CRUSTY GEEZER??? Squeegee Guy was only 46 at the time!

The July/August 1997 issue of Internet Underground had this to say about the site:

"Here's a sure recipe for success: Take an annoying aspect from the real world and translate it for the virtual world. The nuisance in question here is a cypber panhandler armed with a spray bottle and squeegee who offers to clean your monitor for a little spare change. Luckily, you have the choice of giving him the Heisman. Our advice is to give the guy a shove. This guy is irritating now, but just wait until micropayments become a reality."

The January 1999 issue of Yahoo Internet Life included The Squeegee Guy in the "Curious Characters" sub-section of their "Best of Extreemelly Specialized Sites" feature, along with the sites "Confessions of a "Wash-Me" Finger Scribbler," "The Evil Geniuses For a Better Tomorrow" and "Just Who Are You and What Makes You Think That You are an Authority on Legal Prostitution in Nevada?"

photo "That's Perfessor Squeegee Guy to You!"

They said the Internet Squeegee Guy would never amount to much, and he'll certainly never get rich considering the value of cyberchange these days (and the fact that some of you guys have been putting cyberslugs in his ballcap)!

Well, the Squeejguy's days of being ridiculed are over. In 1997, The Squeegee Guy was asked by the SAMS-Net publishers to collaborate with Molly E. Holzschlag and produce a book on sizzling web site design. (Well, he wasn't actually asked to help WRITE the book, but we're sure that he was the prime source of inspiration.)

The Internet Squeegee Guy was happy to have helped in some way, though, and wants Molly E. Holzschlag, Laura Lemay and all the folks at SAMS Publishing to know that he will clean the inside of their monitor screens for FREE from now on.

The site was featured in "The Use Of Humor in Personal Webites" section of the book.

"Lotsa Links"

Hundreds of corporate and personal websites have linked to The Internet Squeegee Guy over the years, and the site has been featured in website listings ranging from "Great Websites" to "Websites That Really Suck."

photoThe one we're proudest of is the May 14, 1997 listing on USA TODAY's "Hot Sites." The caption stated, "Here's a strange (but perhaps inevitable) twist on the idea of Windows. It's The Internet Squeegee Guy, and he wants your spare change. Even the Information Superhighway isn't safe."

In the late '90s several sites posted an alleged announcement from Microsoft's Bill Gates. The humorous announcement spoke of a new product called "Microsoft Panhandling" and included the following paragraph:

"Gates says this is just the start of an entire line of products. 'Be on the lookout for products like Microsoft Mugging, which either takes $50 or erases your hard drive, and Microsoft Squeegee Guy, which will clean up your Windows for a dollar.' (When Microsoft Squeegee Guy ships, Windows 95 will no longer automatically refresh your windows.)"

When informed of this, the Internet Squeegee Guy said: "Hey Bill, find another corner...this is my turf. I was here first!"


photoToo embarrassed to have people know his real identity, The Squeegee Guy refused to do personal appearances, even though he was actually contacted by e-mail from a couple of program hosts to do radio interviews.

He was, however, a huge fan of The Late Show With David Letterman, and had always kind of hoped that he might someday make an appearance on the show and squeegee the inside of viewer's TV screens while on the program. Sadly, his dream will probably never be fulfilled.

The Squeejguy made a trip to New York in 1996, but since Mayor Guiliani had run off all the squeegee people in New York City, he took a low-key approach and went undercover as a regular tourist.

photoAfter several visits to the Ed Sullivan Theater where The Late Show is taped, he did finally made it on the show...well, sort of. Actually, he was only part of a crowd shot outside on 53rd Street (watching guest Leslie Nielson crash into garbage cans as he made his entrance), but he WAS on The Late Show!

Though he wasn't able to meet Dave, he did meet some of the other really famous celebrities, like Rupert Jee at the Hello Deli, and Rock America's Mujibur and Sirajul. (Hey, you take what you can get!)

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